Jabbar Al Janabi


                                                            Curriculum Vitae

Jabbar Al Janabi is an award-winning visual artist and performing art creator, director
and mentor. His work has been recognized by his peers, the City of Vancouver, the
British Columbia Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts where he initiated a new art practice using multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural forms of art entitled ANU.
ANU has involved an assembly of over 150 performers covering a span of 10 years.

Jabbar Al Janabi has received recognition as an art student in Baghdad. He was
honored by exhibiting with his instructors in National exhibitions between the years of 1984 through 1993.


1986 Diploma in Fine Arts, Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts;
2009 100 hours 3D Animation studies, Vancouver Institute of Art;

Visual Art

Jabbar Al Janabi received classical training in painting, which is evident in his use of
color and line, and the balance of his compositions. However, he decided to abandon the realistic style of the classical and move to more mythological themes using symbols from Mesopotamia and Eastern arts. In his recent work.

Al Janabi uses symbols in combination with contemporary stylization and abstraction to create a more modern style. He uses a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics and mixed media.
His paintings can be found in private collections in London (UK), Sweden, Germany, the United Emirates, France, the USA and Canada.


Visual Art

• April 2010 Live painting fund raiser for The Women in Cancer Crusade organized by Paradigm Events Inc., Toronto; (my painting sold for $5,000 at auction);
• 2009 Artist/Curator, Asian Heritage Month, Annual Exhibition at the Roundhouse, Vancouver; showcasing ten artists from the Ismaili community as well as the Middle East supported by the Aga Khan Foundation;
• 2009 Pygmalion and Galatea, solo show at Yaletown Gallery, Vancouver; based on piece by Jean-Léon Gérôme with the same title;
• 2008 Phantazma, solo show at Yaletown Gallery, Vancouver; presenting new techniques including sun-baked surfaces resulting in ‘lava-like’ effects;
• 2007 Group Show at Simon Fraser University; and auction supporting Simon Fraser University Centre for Asian Studies and gallery. The show included renowned sculptor Parvis Tanavoli;
•2007 – 2009 Director, Curator and Co-founder, Yaletown Gallery, Vancouver;
• 2006 Sentry, Seeker, Sage: Group exhibition at Maltwood Art Museum, University of Victoria, Vancouver; curated by Dr. Astri Wright, included a group of artists all coming from Islamic countries;
• 2005 Asian Heritage month group show at the Roundhouse Art Centre;
• 2004 Group show at the University of Victoria including written presentation about the sub-vanishing point in Islamic architecture;
• 2003 Focusing on ANU and presenting a new way of depicting visual art in life using a new medium and painting live on stage
• 2001 - 1999 Ishtar Art Gallery, partner and curator, Vancouver;
• 1998 Organization of exhibition of nine artists from Mesopotamia including creating and participating in the show; Royal Cultural Centre Amman – Jordan;
• 1998-1995 Jarish International Festival for Arts; exhibiting art and choreographing show as director of Jarisia Project whose aim is to discover emerging artists;
• 1994 Political newspaper, Almustaqbal, responsible for design, publishing and political cartoons;
• 1993 Portrait artist;
•1983-1984 Visual artist in Iraq; showing regularly in national exhibitions, teacher at Baghdad Institute of Fine Arts and Curator for the Museum of Baghdad;

Performance Art

Since moving to Canada, Jabbar has produced a series of live performances entitled ANU.
ANU focuses on the coming-together of artists and the audience through improvised interaction.
ANU’s “story” explores artistic creation through twenty to twenty-five artists performing in multi-level symmetry; in an experiment of continuous and spontaneous creation.
This symbiosis of musicians, singers, painters, poets, and dancers, expresses Jabbar’s vision: a desire for union; a physical and theatrical demonstration of the idea of connectivity and universality of humanity. This theatrical “event” elucidates a common thread that runs through the center of the artist's creative impulse -- to awaken people’s awareness that we are all mystically linked through the power of creation. The performances take place in the round; painters circumscribe the stage, musicians, poets, and singers disperse through the audience, and dancers fill the center. The spoken word, song, music, painting, and dance come together in a unique synthesis of expression. The entire performance is improvised. Using a light source, Jabbar creates a rhythm and cadence, gently nudging and conducting the exchanges between the artists as they create a new, unique language with every brush stroke, note, word, and movement, with each artist listening and responding to the other. Prior to the performance, the artists meet and discuss their roles. They are encouraged to profit from “mistakes” and to dare to experiment and perform outside of their discipline.
For example, an oud (middle eastern lute) player might be encouraged to dance during the performance, to overcome a possible fear and to stretch his means of habitual expression. Distancing himself from a self-imposed limitation, the artist experiences a new-found perspective. By dancing and moving his body, when he returns to his instrument, he is refreshed, having expanded his perception of his creative abilities.
Now the notes flow with a new freedom and energy as his mind delves even deeper into his creative possibilities.

In the same way, ANU encourages members of the audience to re-examine their frames of reference. It is rare and vital in a time where technology and predetermined factors dominate our communication and expression to witness a completely improvised live performance. Jabbar takes his inspiration from his experiences; he is able to transform the memories of his bittersweet past in a difficult cultural environment into a celebration of artistic creation that is consciousness rising.
ANU brings artists of many media performing together without a pre-determined conclusion – an event that mirrors the song of life in its complexity, spontaneity, purity and resonance.


 2012 original art work entitled “Storm” chosen to be “Her Eyes Illuminate” album
cover by Gordon Grdina.
 2012-13 will be a Guest Artist in Spectrum Composers Collective by Ben Dietschi.
 March 2012 ANU 10 entitled “Mother” presented in Vancouver at the
Roundhouse under Jabbar al Janabi mentorship;
Performance Art
• October 2010 ANU 8 entitled “Hunger” presented in Vancouver at the Roundhouse under Jabbar al Janabi mentorship;
• May 2010 Participated in The International Liberty Theatre Festival in Jordan representing Canada;
• November 2009 ANU 7 entitled “From Iraq With Love” endorsed by and hosted at the Roundhouse, Vancouver;
• November 2008 ANU 6 entitled “Love celebration BC 150” at the Round House, endorsed by the City of Vancouver, the Roundhouse and the private sector;
• November 2006 ANU 5 entitled “Sex On Earth” endorsed by the City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council and private donors;
• June 2005 ANU 4 entitled “WAR Triptych” at the Roundhouse, endorsed by the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Vancouver and private donors;
• October 2003 ANU 3 entitled “Love Triptych” at the Roundhouse, endorsed by private donors;
• November 2002 ANU 2 at the Roundhouse, endorsed by private donors;
• 2002 - 2009 Founding member and chairperson of AtmAsphere Art Society, Vancouver; Established a thriving not for profit multidisciplinary / multi-cultural art organization endorsed by the City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts along with the private sector; Created and presented a monumental art presentation including dance, music, the spoken word and visual art;
• November 2001 ANU at the Wise Hall, Vancouver;

دبلوم فنون / معهد الفنون الجميلة – بغداد 1986
2001-الامين العام والمدير الفني Atmasphere Art Socity..

-اختارت جامعة سايمون فريزر في مدينة فانكوفر لوحة تشكيلية (تحت سماء غريبة) لتكون شعار مؤتمرها.
-السنوي 2009 /حول حال العرب والمسلمين .
-جائزة الثقافات المتعددة / مدينة فانكوفر 2008.
-جائزة الفنون الجماهيرية/ ولية برتش كلومبيا 2006.
-جائزة الفنون الحديثة الشاملة / اللجنة الفدرالية العليا للفنون في كندا 2004.

-معارض الدولة :والوسطي وجمعية التشكيليين ومهرجان بغداد العالمي منذ 1984-1993.
-مهرجان جرش الدولي -عمان1995-1998.
-اسس في كندا ملحمة (آنو) الفنية ذات العرض الشامل للفنون كافة معتمدا على اسطورة الخليقة السومرية 2000-مستمرة.
-ساهم في العديد من المعارض الخاصة في جامعة فكتوريا و سايمون فريزر الكنديتين.
-معرض شخصي (سرابيات) يالتاون كاليري كندا 2007 .
-معرض شخصي(بجماليون و كالاتايا) يالتاون كاليري كندا 2008 .

  •                  2009اشرف وساهم على اقامة المعرض السنوي لفنون جنوب غرب اسيا في مدينة فانكوفر الكندية.